About TheDeFiEdge.com

If any of this describes you, then you're in the right place

  • You want to keep up with the latest DeFi news, but you don't have 12 hrs a day to go through Discord or Twitter.

  • You're interested in principles such as Profit Taking strategies, portfolio allocation, and cognitive biases - not just which coins will go up 100x 😱

  • You want to understand the risks involved with each investment.

  • You want to learn from someone that will share useful information and NOT dump coins on you.

What to expect from me

I'm focused on understanding the cutting-edge innovations in DeFi. I want to take this research and break it down into easy-to-understand concepts for you to understand.

Everything that I share is backed by the highest quality research. I'm not re-writing content that I find on YouTube.

I read the documentation straight from the source. I try to talk to the team members to go an extra level deeper.  

I go the extra mile to edit and explain things in a way that's easy for you to understand.

Some of My Investing Philosophies

There are many ways to become profitable in Crypto. Here are some of the things I believe in.

  1. Ride the Waves. Spot trends early and hop on them.
  2. Risk Management First. Don't use leverage and diversify.
  3. Always Take Profits. Don't get too greedy.
  4. Master Your Psychology. Understand your own biases and weaknesses.
  5. Keep it Simple. Don't try to time the market. Dollar-cost average into it.

About Me

I've chosen to remain anonymous for safety and privacy reasons.

Here are some details about me that I can share.

I reached financial independence before getting into Cryptocurrency. I did this by building an e-commerce brand for over a decade and then selling it. I've been into the FIRE movement early on (Financial independence, retire early). I've always lived a frugal life and invested in index funds.

I've been in Cryptocurrency since 2013. I lost all my Bitcoin in the Mt. Gox hack. I entered again in the 2017 Bull Cycle. Built a 7 figure portfolio and saw it crash -90% with Crypto winter.

I entered DeFi again in late 2020. I built a large portfolio through early investments in BNB, PancakeSwap, Spell, DeFiKingdoms, Luna, and others.

(And by taking profits aggressively)

It's because of this that I'm interested in being on the edge of DeFi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mentor me?
No, my time's limited. I rather use it to write and be able to reach more people.  

Do you offer any paid training? 1-on-1 consulting or a private discord?
I don't.  1 on 1 work isn't great leverage for my time. I'm trying to keep my information free for everyone.

Do you offer any promos?
I have advertisements in my newsletter available for select advertisers. Visit my sponsorship page for more information.

Where can a newbie go to learn more about DeFi?
Check out my list of resources

Contacting Me

The best way to contact us is via email - news@thedefiedge.com.

You can follow me on Twitter @TheDeFiEdge.

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