Advertise with!

Advertise with!
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Last updated: January 8, 2023

The DeFi Edge is a weekly newsletter that covers provides insights and analysis into the Cryptocurrency space, with a focus on decentralized finance.

I am offering sponsorships in my weekly email Newsletter.

Email list size: 25,747
Average Open Rate: 46%

Why Advertise with TheDeFiEdge?

Advertising in crypto is a pain.

You can't do paid advertising on Facebook or Google. Building an audience from scratch takes time and expertise.  

And as a brand, you have a standard of professionalism for who you choose to work with.

Here's how I can help:

  1. You have a product or a service, and you need more users.

    I have an audience of 26,000+ people on my email list and an open rate of around 46%.

    12,000+ people will see your protocol or service.

    Everyone was earned through educating people on my Twitter audience or being referred to by someone.  

    I don't purchase followers or use engagement tactics such as Crypto giveaways.
  2. You want to align your product with a professional brand.

    You can see my past emails and every single tweet I've written. I keep everything professional.
  3. You want to advertise, but you don't know what kind of audience you're getting.

    I have a background in e-commerce and know how important data is.

    I have demographic information through Google analytics. I have audience insights from a survey I conducted in May 2022.

    A portion of my audience has voluntarily shared information about themselves such as age, household income, and which DeFi ecosystems they participate in.
  4. You want to be in front of a sophisticated DeFi audience

    This audience is experienced with DeFi. So if your product requires an audience that's DeFi savvy, then I'm your guy.  
  5. You want to advertise, but you don't know how to write an ad.

    Send me a few bullets or information about your product. We work with professional copywriters and designers for our creatives.

Selecting Our Advertisers

We're selective about which advertisers we choose to work with. Why? Because I don't want any advertisers taking advantage of my audience.

Here's what we're looking for:

A good fit with our audience. I mainly talk about Crypto and DeFi.

I have a good grasp of my audience and want to promote projects that they would be interested in.

•  A great reputation. I'm looking for companies with a great track record. If you're newer to the scene, then I'll be checking on who your investors are. I conduct due diligence on every advertiser.

Align with the brand values. Finally, I have to like what you're doing.

Everything must be disclosed. Trust and integrity are vital to my brand. All sponsorships will be clearly labeled and disclosed to my audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you promote us on your Twitter?
Sorry, it's not something I offer. I treat my Twitter as a personal account. I'm only offering advertising in my email newsletter.

Can you do an unbiased, deep dive into our Protocol?
I don't offer reviews of Protocols. I find it to be a conflict of interest.

Do you accept Crypto as payment?

Yep. BTC, ETH, and the major ERC-20 stablecoins (USDT, DAI, and USDC).

I don't accept native tokens as payment.

If you're interested in advertising with me, fill out the form below. Someone will get back to you within a few business days.