Learn How to Analyze Crypto Projects on Your Own

You’ve found an exciting project on your own, but…

• A newsletter is shilling you another protocol: “you’re so early.”
• An hour later, you read a thread where the guy claims another token is going 100x.

You feel overwhelmed.

If you don’t learn to analyze projects independently, You’re other people’s exit liquidity.

You’re the guy that’s funding his Lamborghini.

So, what can you do about it?

Join the Analysis Apprentice.

Analysis Apprentice is a free course designed to help you evaluate any project.

You’ll be my Apprentice in learning this system. You’ll learn the key factors contributing to a project’s success with actionable exercises to apply the lessons immediately.

Once you finish the program, you’ll have enough confidence to start making your calls, eliminate emotions from your decisions, and take your research efficiency to the next level.


Name: Analysis Apprentice
Lessons: 7 lessons over 7 days
Skill Level: Beginners
Cost: Free

🎓 Lessons

  • Day 1 - Narratives & Catalysts
  • Day 2 - People
  • Day 3 - Future Plans
  • Day 4 - Product
  • Day 5 - Financials
  • Day 6 - Tokenomics (Supply)
  • Day 7 - Tokenomics (Demand)

📊 The Outcome

  • Learn what makes a successful project
  • Research more efficiently, using less time
  • Understand how to identify and capitalize on trends
  • Start creating your system to evaluate protocols

Try the Analysis Apprentice course at no cost:

The Analysis Apprentice

Learn how to analyze projects on your own...for free