Apply for the Edge Talent Collective

Apply for the Edge Talent Collective
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo / Unsplash

The Edge Talent Collective is a group of people from within my community who are interested in working in Crypto / Web 3.

So if you're in the Edge Talent Collective, I'm actively trying to help you find a job at a Crypto company.

There are 25+ active companies that are trying to hire from The Edge Collective.
The collective is like a cheat code for them because I help pre-qualify candidates. And they know that people from my community are savvy with DeFi.

How to Apply & Get Accepted

I only accept around 20% of applications.

Companies are expecting high-quality candidates when they're working with me. So I need to maintain a standard for my candidate pool.

All the applications go through screening by my technical recruiter (Suri), and then I'll give the final approval.

What We're Looking For in a Candidate:

Linkedin. Not 100% necessary but it helps verify your background and experience.
Experience & desired position fit. If you're looking for a developer position, then it helps to have some experience in that field.  
Portfolios. If you're a designer, then link your portfolio. If you're a writer, then make sure you link to some of your writings.
Potential. Someone might have 0 work experience. But if they're about to graduate with a Computer Science degree from a good university, then that's favorable.
• Someone that knows what they want.
Do you want to be a researcher? A project manager? Know what you want. Someone that's "open for any role" isn't desirable.
Effort into the applications. Don't write a single sentence. Put some effort to show that you're serious. If you're accepted, then the Web 3 companies are going to see your profile and judge you based on it.

What's Not as Important:
• Having experience in Crypto and DeFi is not as important as you think. It's mainly important if you want to work as a researcher or a writer.

Think of everything like a score.

Everything's kept private. I'm anonymous so I know how important privacy is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to get an answer?

A: As of May 2022, we're backlogged by several hundred applications. It might take a few weeks to get an answer. My technical recruiter just came on board so we're trying to get through the backlog asap.

Q: Why did you reject my application?
A: If your application got rejected, please send an email to with your name. We can give some constructive feedback. You can always improve your application and re-apply again.

Q: What happens once I'm accepted?
A: Once you're accepted, the companies will go through different profiles. If they're interested in you based on your profile, they'll request an intro with you. Hit accept and you two start talking!

Apply to the Edge Collective