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My bear market gameplan

My bear market gameplan
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I'm not going to b.s. you - the market's looking horrible. The Fed increased the interest rates, and everything's bleeding red.

I've talked about bear market strategies before. Rather than rehashing the content, I'm going to share what my plans are.

Let's get into it!

My Bear Portfolio:

My risk allocation has remained roughly the same since late February.

Stable coins: ~40%. Split between UST and USDC. I'm keeping an eye on what USN has to offer. I'm not interested in Tron's USDD.
Blue chips: ~40%. Mainly BTC, ETH, AVAX, Luna
Medium Risk: ~5% FTM.
High Risk: ~15%. I have Jewel / Crystal Locked up. LQDR locked up. I'm doing some farming in the Near / Aurora ecosystem.

Everything being staked and farmed.

The Stablecoins are my dry powder for potential buying opportunities. The blue chips are coins that I feel comfortable holding for several more years.

I'll be keeping a close eye on opportunities. I remember Chainlink going crazy in the previous bear cycle.

Dollar Cost Average

I'm auto buying ETH and Luna every month at a 50:50% ratio. I always preach to dollar cost average. It simplifies your life, and you don't waste brain power trying to "time" the market.

Increase My Earning Power

I haven't monetize this brand that much. I'll explore some monetization opportunities, and use the earnings to start building a small team.

More manpower means I can increase these emails, and improve the research.

(When I start hiring, I'll post on my job board and make an announcement)

​Increase My Knowledge Base

The market's slower and there's less news to keep up with. That gives you more space and brainpower to catch up on the gaps in your knowledge.

Some areas I'm studying right now:

  • Options in DeFi (dydx, gmx, etc.)
  • Advanced Tokenomics
  • Macro economics
  • GameFI
  • and more.

I've been through several bear markets before. It gets easier each time.

The most important thing you can do is to trust the process.

Tweets of the Week

How does a single person stay on top of DeFi? They can't. That's why I'm a part of several masterminds. A group of like minded people who share crypto alpha.

I created a simple guide for you to create your own.

I love looking at data from different ecosystems to spot trends. Patrick's thread makes it easy to keep up with each week

That's it for today.